As a leading healcare textile manufacturer, Phenom Textile dedicated itselves to provide high-quality healthcare fabric for our clients.

Phenom Textile Medical & Healthcare fabric conform to EN 13795 European Guideline and AAMI PB-70 US Guideline. This Medical & Healthcare fabric series is microfiber polyester-based, combined with anti-static fiber, and processed with high water repellency. The polyester base has properties of reusable, lightweight, breathable, non-linting, tensile strength enhanced and excellent chemical resistance. In addition, the Medical fabric is durable to multiple sterilization procedures, including laundry, drying and autoclave. All abovementioned features are designed to protect surgical operators from potential infections deriving from patients' blood, body fluid or surrounding contaminated particles.

Phenom Textile is a healcare textile manufacturer and was founded in 1969. We have accumulated rich experiences in healthcare fabric.