Social Service

“Taken from society, give back to society.” A competent enterprise should contribute to the society.

For the recent past 7 years, Phenom Textile provides financial assistance to “F.H.L.”, an intellectual disability foundation. The owner, Mrs. Ling, believes that everyone deserves happiness. With this belief, Mrs. Ling gathered the resource she got to help those disabled children. She discovered the drawing talent of an autistic child sponsored by “F.H.L.” and combined his zebra painting with Eco-friendly fabric. This bag is named as “Colorful Zebra” in 2010.

Colorful Zebra is not only the products of F.H.L. Since then, Phenom textile has been sponsoring the foundation and choosing different paintings amount those creative angles to make their works into products so they can raise the funds for their own medical needs.

In 2008, the financial crisis hits the whole world. Many industries faced difficulties due to this crisis. In the same year, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. had started the “enterprise adopt event” for the in-season oranges. This event was helped the overly produced orange. Even Phenom textile is struggling in the crisis as other companies; we still felt the responsibility of helping the society. Phenom textile were obligated to joined the adopt activity as well. Phenom textile may not be a listed company or grown into some huge enterprise, but we clearly understand the obligation of entering the public welfare activities and will act in a perseverant manner.