Fabric Function

We provide customized service that you can add different function fabric, breathable and waterproof, water repellent, abrasion resistant, flame resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet rays, wicking / coolness, down proof are included. If you would like to learn more details, please browse the following categories and feel free to inquire.

Water Repellent
Water Repellent
Water-repellent (W/R), which is basically just a step up from water-resistant. W/R is a coating added to fabrics at the factory to make them hydrophobic. This entails that the product actually has physical properties that, as the label suggests, repels water on contact. Water-repellent products are generally built with special materials and techniques. They are typically coated with a type of nanotechnology film (Gore-Tex or DWR) that gives them a higher chance of withstanding above-average water exposures.
Flame Retardant
Flame Retardant
The Flame Retardant Fiber is made by using the polyester or Rayon fiber which are made from phosphide. This fiber is difficult to be ignited and will slightly shrink and massed into a ball in encountering flames. It is fireproof raw material with extremely high safety, fire-resistant and flame-retardant, and has passed the CNS and examination standards in Japan, America, etc. Besides, it will not produce the halogen toxic gas in burning, considerably safe. Adding the flame resistant to polymers, excellent flame retardation, durability and waterproofing.
Wicking / Coolness
Wicking /Coolness

Wicking finishing is the moisture absorbent additive which efficiently absorbs body perspiration quickly and wick it away from the textile surface. Affected by diffusion and air convection on the surface of the textile, the moisture quickly evaporates, leaving the textile dry. Wearing clothes made of this product can keep the skin cool and comfortable. Because of the inexpensive and variety of applications, this product is extensively used for sportswear and casual wear.

Flycool includes the functions of moisture transfer, sweat volatility, UV resistance, and micromassage. After contact with the skin, there is an instant cool 1~2℃ sensation, and after sunlight irradiation for a long period, sensation of temperature difference of 5~6℃. Flycool is manufactured by unique processes, even after washing 50 times, the products still maintain more than 80% of the functions without causing secondary environmental pollution. Also, all Flycool products are recyclable and degradable.

Waterproof & Breathable
Waterproof &Breathable
Breathable means that a fabric permits perspiration vapors to escape from the body through the fabric. During strenuous activity, the body releases moisture vapors, and The skin breathes this moisture as it naturally tries to cool itself down. Breathable Fabrics transmit body moisture away from the body, thus maximizing comfort and dryness during outdoor activities. Waterproof refers to a fabric's ability to resist penetration of water completely. Waterproof fabrics may be coated with a layer or Resin, or Teflon film, TPU, TPE, or Other coatings. Each square centimeter of resin or film coating has billions of tiny holes. However, the holes are many times smaller than water droplets and thus can prevent penetration of water, even under pressure. The so-called breathable waterproof material is in the lining fabric coated with a layer of resin, there are many in the diameter of water molecules and water vapor molecules in diameter between the small hole can emit water vapor and could not thoroughly into the rain, a good solution for the waterproofing and breathability of this conflict.
Anti-Ultraviolet Rays
Anti-Ultraviolet Rays, Sun Protection refers to a fabric's ability to protect the skin from UV radiation. To achieve this characteristic, before synthetic fbers are polymerized, powders of TiO2 and ZnO with the size of micrometers or nanometers are blended and spread over the polymer. Therefore, fabrics woven by such polymerized fibers will shield or reflect UV radiation.
Anti-Static indicates that textiles meet safety requirements under inflammable and explosive condi-tions. Anti-static fabric is usually a blend of anti-static fiber, cotton and polyester yarn. Performance tests used to qualify fabric for the Anti-Static designation measure the following properties:
1. Surface resistance:106ohm/cm~109ohm/cm
2. Static decaytime:0.01 second and less.

Anti-bacterial materials can be mixed in based on the demand of end products, which effect is approved by authorized organizations, and the material is within the long lasting anti-bacterial fabric, Therefore, it possesses such effects as permanence, multiple washable, heat resistance and safty.

Anti-bacterial Effect
1. Anti-bacterial effects reach more than 200 kinds of bacteria
2. Proved safe by notary organizations such as the Japan Food Research Laboratories(JFRL).
3. Does not dissolve on account of the UV rays, acidity, alkalinty, organic solvents, etc.
4. Almost does not dissolve in water and warm water, so it can last long effectively.
5. Belongs to the compound synthetic agent type so that it is hard to produce resistant bacteria.

A fabric which resists the penetration of down. The fabric may be closely woven to be downproof by nature or may be cired or coated to make it downproof. Downproof fabrics guarantee air circulation but their tight construction prevents feathers from coming out