High strength with perfect abrasion resistant

High strength with perfect abrasion resistant



What is CORDURA ® high strength Nylon fabric?

Originally developed by DuPont, CORDURA ® was used in tires by the US military during WWII, for its superior “tear resistant” and “abrasion resistant” performance.

With over 45 years of military heritage, CORDURA ® is now synonymous with “mil- spec” durability, widely used to make backpacks, tactical vests… etc.


What makes CORDURA ® “abrasion resistant” compared to other Nylon fabrics?

CORDURA ® uses “T420 Nylon 6.6”, a type of Nylon yarn that simulates the rugged, fuzzy texture of natural cotton yarn. This is called “air jet textured” yarn. The fuzzy texture will distribute external grinding force more evenly so that fibers are less likely to break.

T420 Nylon 6.6 yarn is a proprietary product of INVISTA Company; no Nylon fabric can call itself CORDURA ® unless made with T420 Nylon 6.6.



How It Stands Over Other Fabrics

CORDURA ® is a complex and intricately made fabric. This multifaceted fabric works well for many different things, including:

Work wear: CORDURA ®stands tough where other fabrics struggle to hold up. If you work in strenuous environments or laborious conditions, this nylon-based fabric will last through many items of washing and remain as durable as its first use.

Tents/Outdoor Shelters: CORDURA ® style fabrics like our synthetic lightweight tent fabric are water repellent and mildew resistant. Its breathability is ideal for liner applications in outdoor shelters including tents or yurts. It also comes in flame- retardant varieties.

Jackets: CORDURA ® style fabrics including our ballistic nylon fabric has amazing abrasive qualities and can keep you safe depending on the weight of the fabric. The ballistic nylon works great for motorcycle and tactical jackets.

Coverings: Our 1000 Denier Nylon CORDURA ®-like fabric is expertly made with protection in mind. If you need a cover for outdoor furniture or a watercraft, its water and mildew-resistant properties protect your outdoor products against all harsh conditions.

Bags: CORDURA ®fabric and luggage applications date back to the late 1970s. Whatever the load, this synthetic fabric can handle the baggage.

Regardless of the project or use, CORDURA ® style fabric works for your everyday items. Going the route of a synthetic fabric like CORDURA ® fabric will ensure every variable it meets comes covered.

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