Phenom Textile has been established for more than 45 years and has provided wide array of fabrics to fulfill our customers need. 

For more than a decade, Phenom Textile has been focused on developing fabrics. We have full confidence in our technical and quality. Meanwhile, we hope the consumer can feel our professionalism and insist on quality.

Based on the idea above, Phenom Textile is going to establish the end-use products series and provide more possibilities and choices to our customers. We will divide into two categories, the sportswear and backpack series. We will roll out the sportswear series first.

The subcontractor we have cooperated with is a trustworthy professional seamless clothing foundry in Taiwan. They rely on seamless knitting technology to carefully manufacture a variety of sports performance clothing, including fitness clothing, body shaping clothing, body shaping pants, men's and women's underwear, etc.

Phenom Textile can do the OEM & ODM. We are following the below 7 processes to fulfill our customer's requirements and provide all the possibilities.

  1. Design
    We have the first-class designer team. We mainly focus on producing garments for Sportswear, Casual Yoga, Running, Fitness, Bodysuit, and Thermal underwear.
  2. Knitting
    We are equipped with advanced 100 Knitting Machines (Sangiacomo and Santoni) from Italy. Our maximum quantities are about 500,000 pieces per month.
  3. Customized
    The widths of garments are available from 10 to 25 inches; we can make sizes correctly as customers requested.
  4. Dyeing
    We have 14 dyeing machines to dye the clothing, including the fabrics of polyamide and polyester. Customized colors are welcome.
  5. Sewing
    We have the various Sawing Machines from Japan. Our stuffs have the best techniques to make products effectively and correctly.
  6. Quality
    Control Quality inspections of the finished garments are handled by our excellent team.
  7. Packing / Boxing
    We can pack any style as our clients demand!

Seamless sportswear is becoming the most popular clothing in the world. It is a future tendency as well. Seamless clothing would gently caress your body like a second skin, designed to fit the body shape comfortably and sophisticatedly.