TEE TEX (microporous waterproof and breathable film)

Waterproof & Moisture or Vapor permeability

There are two types of waterproof film. One is Hydrophilic film. It absorbs sweat from skin and transfer moisture to fabric surface. Usually we call it moisture permeability function. The main manufacturing processes of it are polyether TPU film lamination, polyether PU coating (dry process), TPEE film lamination and etc.

The other type is Micro-porous film. It is full of micro pinholes to let vapor go through it easily. It is called vapor permeability or breathable function. The main manufacturing processes of it are polyester PU coating (dry process and wet process), PTFE film lamination (Gore-Tex), PP micro-porous film lamination (3M) and etc.

For human wearing comfort, breathable film is the better way. But most of them are concernedwith higher price.

What we want to provide is a high quality waterproof and breathable film in lower price. After years researching, new type of waterproof and breathable film, TEE TEX, is completed.

TEE TEX is made from Polyolefin. It is “Micro-porous” type waterproof & breathable film. Its principle of breathable characteristic conforms to human sweating way. It is also an eco-friendly material and it will decompose and doesn’t damage to the environment.

TEE TEX index:
Thickness: 0.02m/m , 0.03m/m
Width: 1550m/m , 1900m/m
Pin hole diameter: 3~5μ

Water Resistance: 3,000~4,000m/m(over 2,000m/m guaranteed)

Water Vapor Transmission:
JIS L 1099A1: 9,000~11,000g/m2/24hrs(over 7,000m/m guaranteed)

JIS L 1099B1: 12,000~14,000g/m2/24hrs(over 10,000m/m guaranteed)

TEE TEX advantage:
1. It is micro-porous type water resistance & breathable film and its principle of breathable characteristic conform to human sweating way.

2. It will decompose and won’t damage to the environment.

3. TEE TEX can be laminated with fabric and its water vapor transmission test can achieve 7000 g/㎡/24hr (JIS L1099). (SGS test report)

4. TEE TEX can be laminated with fabric and its water resistance test can achieve 6,000 m/m (AATCC 127). (SGS test report)

5. It applies to windbreaker, rain coat, jacket, car cover, horse clothes, tent …etc.

6. It can be laminated with Swojin’s PET BOTTLE RECYCLED fabric. It will become not only function, but also eco product.

7. Its price is more competitive than other kinds of waterproof & breathable film.

1. TEE TEX is suit for textiles with lower or no stretch.

2. Washing TEE TEX products should use detergent without chlorine.

Temperature limit:Melting point of TEE TEX is 110°C. The manufacturing process of TEE TEX products can’t afford high heat. Finished products can’t afford tumble drying or ironing.

TEE TEX can be laminated with fabric and its water vapor transmission test could achieve 7,000g/㎡/24hr(JIS L1099). You can see the steam goes through the fabric with TEE TEX easily and makes eyeglasses misted.

TEE TEX can be laminated with fabric(repellent) and its water resistance test could achieve 6,000m/m(AATCC 127 ). Phenom’s repellent fabric can make this characteristic better.

TEE TEX film test report

TEE TEX product test report : TEE TEX 0.03m/m with 2 side fabric

TEE TEX product test report : TEE TEX 0.02m/m with 1 side fabric

TEE TEX Micro Photo