EN 13795 Medical Fabrics-PTMH001

99% Polyester Filament Yarn + 1% Conductive Yarn
Specification: 100D*100D 2/2 Twill, 5mm Stripe,
Weight: 206 +/- 5% g/y * 60"
Surface Resistance: 10^8-9 ohm/square (42% R.H., 21°C)
Finished: High Water Repellency, Anti-static, Slip and slide resistant
Application: Front panel of surgical gowns, Drapes, Coverings
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PTMH001 medical fabric complies with EN 13795 standard and AAMI Pg-70 which embraces the functions of keeping environment clean and lower the risk of cross infection in operating rooms.

This Fbric has unique duo-sided layout, one side carrying conductive yarn while the other is composed of the fabric only. High quality conductive yarn is woven into one side of the fabric to relieve residues of electrostatics, and thereby reducing the chance of electrostatic discharge (ESD) which may cripple precision electronic instruments. This anti-static property also has the function of releasing particles that are attached to the gown, allowing products made by this fabric to reach a much higher hygienic standard. The other side of the fabric has a cotton-like texture which provides improved slip and slide resistance.


  • Complies with EN 13795 Standard Performance and AAMI PB-70 Level 2 & Level 3
  • Anti-static
  • Slip and Slide resistant
  • Autoclave accepted



  • For front panel of surgical gowns, drapes coverings.

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