EN 13795 Medical Fabrics-PTMH002

99% Polyester Filament Yarn + 1% Conductive Yarn
Specification: 75D*150D Plain, 8mm Stripe,
Weight: 202 +/- 5% g/y * 62"
Surface Resistance: 10^10 ohm/square (42% R.H., 21°C)
Finished: High Water Repellent, Anti-static, Slip and slide resistant, Breathable
Application: Back panel of surgical gowns, Drapes, Coverings
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PTMH002 is one of the woven fabrics that have a wide range of application while still suitable for medical use. This fabric was authenticated by the performance Europe standard of EN 13795 and AAMI PB-70 which indicates that the product can be safely used in operating rooms to keep the environment clean and lower cross infection rate. Our unique design makes the fabric has cotton-like texture. This fabric can be applied to back panel of surgical gown, drape and wrappers.

PTMH002 is processed with high water repellency and thereby reducing the chance of cross infection in operating rooms. With our high quality conductive yarn, this fabric is capable of discharging electrostatics, preventing the surgical instruments and electrical equipment from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Moreover, even after many cycles of medical laundry it is capable of performing at high quality.


  • Complies with EN 13795 Standard Performance and AAMI PB-70 Level 2 & Level 3
  • Anti-static
  • Slip and Slide resistant
  • Breathable, Soft, Cotton-like
  • Autoclave accepted
  • Excellent water repellent



  • For back panel of surgical gowns, drapes coverings.

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