EN 13795 Medical Fabrics-PTMH007

100% Polyester Filament Yarn
Specification: 75D*75D 1/1 Plain,
Weight: 143 +/- 5% g/y * 64"
Water Moisture Permeability: 1855 g/m2 . 24hrs
Finished: Lint free, Excellent Water Repellent & resistance, Autoclave accepted
Application: Front panel of surgical gowns, Laundry bags, Lab coats, Aprons
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PTMH007 is a densely woven fabric, composed of 100% polyester filament yarn which is extremely effective at blocking bacterial penetration. The unique process of high water repellency to prevent against liquid or blood penetration and greatly reducing the threat of direct or cross infection in operating theaters. The inherent strength and durability of the fabric can withstand the most severe medical washing and sterilization processes.



  • Lint free
  • Autoclave accepted
  • Excellent water repellency and resistance
  • Easy care


  • For front panel of surgical gowns, Isolating gowns, Laundry bags, Lab coats, Aprons


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