EN 13795 Medical Fabrics-PTMH008

99% Polyester Filament Yarn + 1% Conductive Yarn
Specification: 75D*75D 1/1 Plain, 8mm Stripe,
Weight: 103 +/- 5% g/y * 60"
Surface Resistance: 10^8-9 ohm/square (42% R.H., 21°C)
Finished: Water Repellent, Anti-static, Lint free, Breathable, Antoclave accepted
Application: Back panel of surgical gowns, Isolating growns
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PTMH008 is a woven fabric which is specifically designed for medical use. It is constructed from polyester filament yarn, is lint free and has excellent air permeability to provide maximum comfort to the wearer and increase the working efficiency of the surgical crew. The special process of water repellency can greatly reduce the risk of infection in the operating theater. This fabric is constructed to withstand the toughest medical laundering and sterilization processes. Its light weight design reduces laundering and operating costs.

The fabric also incorporates a high quality conductive yarn that safely discharges residual static to reduce the level of interference which may affect precision electronic instruments. This anti-static property also has the secondary function of releasing any particles which may have attached themselves to the gown upon becoming charged, further ensuring a high standard of hygiene.


  • Lint free
  • Autoclave accepted
  • Water repellent
  • Anti-static
  • Easy care
  • Light weight


  • For back panel of surgical gowns, Isolating gowns


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